‘Tricouni’ was a Geneva-based jeweller who invented a number of fashion-influential items, including the modern shoe buckling system and the ‘arrêt de cordon’, the cord stop used to cinch hoods and waistlines. His most notable invention was the Tricouni ‘clou’, the climbing nail worn by George Mallory and Ernest Shackleton on their respective historic voyages.

Left: Mt. Everest, 1924. George Mallory and his British team embark upon their historic journey up Mount Everest wearing Tricouni
Right: Antarctica, 1908. British pioneer Ernest Shackleton leads his legendary expedition to the South Pole wearing the Tricouni ‘clou’

With the Tricouni brand, we carry on this tradition of equipping explorers, inventing and innovating today. Our collections are inspired by clothing favoured by history’s pioneers. They are treated and tested to the highest standards for braving the modern elements.

Geneva, 1934. Tricouni invents the modern buckle shoe used by skiers, providing new-found freedom and style in their sport and paving the way for generations of shoes to come


Entitled ‘Mallory and Shackleton’, our launch capsule collection for Autumn/Winter 2015 is inspired by the 1920s. The styles are made from Loro Piana Storm System 100% cashmeres and luxury technical fabrics, and are crafted in Italy. Our innovative designs feature distinctive details (zip-in/zip-out components, integral demi-gloves, and additional detailing for extra protection from the elements).

Left: the ‘Shackleton’ in caviar with cognac shearling
Right: the ‘Mallory’ in bordeaux


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